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  • Introduction
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    ◆Introduction of IMSC
    The International Medical Service Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College is committed to providing high quality and efficient medical service to high ending clients. Our Hospital has first-class medical resources and facilities. The medical team consists of experienced experts with overseas training in their respective specialties. The Center provides 24-hour appointment booking service,individual-based treatment, high quality and professional nursing service, priority of medical check, personal health tracking and follow up services.
    The Center provides outpatient and inpatient services. The outpatient department consists of two independent consulting rooms with a comfortable waiting area. The inpatient ward contains six rooms, two of them are suites. Either of the rooms is equipped with central oxygen and suction systems, dual air-conditioning system, fridge, TV, WIFI and an attached restroom.


    Consultation in IMSC
    If you need to see a doctor, please call the contact number and provide the following information: your name, your main complaint and symptoms. The doctor will make a preliminary evaluation. If your condition is urgent, we will help you to call 120, our emergency ambulance service. The ambulance will take you to the Emergency Department of our hospital. You can also come to the Emergency Department by yourself if your health condition permits. Our doctor will wait in ER and give the treatment to you. If your condition is not urgent, the doctor will book the visit time to you. And please come to our department at the appointed time.
    During the clinic, the nurse will escort you to the doctor and arrange for blood test, and/or other treatment as needed. Please follow the nurse during the visit. and get medications as needed u to the cashier and
    After visit, the nurse will guide you to the cashier and pharmacy and get medications as needed.
    If you need to be hospitalized, our nurse will help you complete the admission.


    Friendly Reminder
    Please bring your personal identify document such as identified card, passport. If you purchased any medical insurance, please tell our doctor during the visit.

    咨詢電話:0754-88905087 (24小時)
    0754-88905268 (8:00-12:00;14:30-17:30)

    ◆Contact ways:
    Consulting telephone: 0754-88905087 (24-hour service)
    0754-88905268 (8:00-12:00;14:30-17:30)
    Address:4 FI, No.1 building of the east side, the First Affiliated Hospital of Shantou University Medical College, No. 57 of Changping  Road, Shantou, Guangdong



    medical team(醫療團隊)