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  • Consultation In The Center
    發布科室:   發布時間:2019-10-28 10:23:30  更新時間:2021-03-12 14:55:24

    If  you  need  to  see  a doctor, please  call  the attending doctor  on call  and provide  the  following  information: your  name, your  main complaint and symptoms. The doctor will make a preliminary evaluation. If your condition is urgent, we will help you to call “120”, our emergency ambulance service. The ambulance will take you to the Emergency Department of our hospital. If your condition is not urgent, please come to the Emergency Department by yourself.

    The  nurse  will  prepare  the personal  health  record  for  you  when you  arrive  and  bring  you  to  the  waiting area of  the  International Medical  Service  Center.

    The  nurse  will  escort  you  to  the  doctor  and  arrange  for  blood test, and/or other treatment as needed. Please follow the nurse during the visit.

    After visit, the nurse will guide you to the cashier and pharmacy and get medications as needed.

    If  you  need  to  be  hospitalized, our  nurse  will  help  you complete  the  admission  procedure  and  bring  you to the in-patient  department.

    Friendly Reminder:

    Please bring the following documents with you: medical insurance card, photo ID, or passport.